How to Attract Your Ideal Client

I know. You’re getting little business or the clients you’re getting are just price shopping and not appreciating your art. Sound familiar? Today I wanna chat about how to attract your ideal client!

Couple who is my ideal client

First, let me ask you: do you even know who your ideal client reallyyyyy is? I mean really. More than just being a bride in your area- because that y’all is just the beginning. I’m talking like where they live? Work? Shop? What is their personality is like? What are their hobbies? Have them become an actual real person to you?

This is such an easy step to skip, but if you’re going to figure out how to attract your ideal client, this is where ya start. I did not do this when I first started out. And I totally get it, I wanted whoever would ‘have me’ as long as it was a chance to shoot. But here’s a little secret. in trying to attract anyone, I was kind of attracting no one in particular, and the gamut of brides I booked widely ranged and had zero in common. Thankfully, though, I’ve always been blessed with the most amazing clients! But guys, on the real, if you don’t know really who they are, you can’t actually purposely attract them.

If you can clearly define who is your dream to work with you can then put out content – images and words – that speak precisely to who they are. You are then able to become a magnet for exactly who you’re looking for.⠀

Essentially, you will ‘attract what you are’ or what you are putting out to the universe! If you’d like to get started on this process, download my ideal client worksheet here.

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For Photographers:

Nikon D750
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Nikon 85 1.8Sigma Art 135 1.8

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