What to Wear to Your Engagement Session

couple sitting on the beach modeling what to wear to your engagement session

‘What should we wear?’ If there’s any question besides, ‘you can photoshop that out right?’, this would be it! And for good reason, I get it. I’ve been there, and choosing what to wear to your engagement session is probably one of the most stressful parts of having your photos done. Well, let me help de-stress you, and make this easy peasy!

First, this is a no brainer here guys, but I’m going to state the obvious anyway. Choose what you are wearing based on the time of year you are having your photos done! You absolutely do not want to be wearing long sleeves, long pants or heavy textured clothing in the middle of July- because you will be sweaty and uncomfortable and it will show. Even if you somehow aren’t dropping beads of sweat, trust me when I say, how you feel will translate through your expression and body language. I understand, we can’t predict mother nature’s wild behind mood swings, but typically, if it’s July it’s gonna be HOT. So let’s start our wardrobe building from here. 

A couple at the beach laughing displaying what to wear to your engagement session

Next, I always suggest to base your outfit choices on a color scheme. While I don’t necessarily recommend the white shirt & blue jeans matchy-matchy, I do suggest choosing coordinating or complimenting colors. Choose a color palette. This will give you direction and help the overall image to look aesthetically pleasing. This doesn’t necessarily have to translate into solids either. If your man wants to wear a plaid shirt, and you a floral dress, go for it! Just be sure the colors have an underlying thread tying you together. K?

A couple embracing showing what to wear to your engagement session

Another thing I like to encourage is to be you- but the ‘best’ version of you. Simply take your look to the next level. Dresses are always a great option to amp up your look, and I adore long dresses with movement. Another great way to jazz it up, if you don’t normally wear earrings or a necklace on an everyday basis, pop some on. If you don’t typically wear heels everyday but you love wearing them, feel free to feel fancy and put those puppies on. And don’t forget to feel good about whatever you put on! Extreme discomfort- and I’m talking physically and mentally (you. know. what. I. mean.), will translate in your photos to “I’m uncomfortable”, and we don’t want that.

A couple standing in the middle of a cobblestone street modeling what to wear to your engagement session

As a reminder, be mindful of things like nails, makeup, hairstyle & tan lines.

  • Nails. While we won’t notice your finger or toe nails in a full length or wide angle image, coming in up close we will see them. This is especially so during an engagement session- because at some point that rock of yours will be included!
  • Makeup. If you never wear makeup, don’t feel like you have to get a loaded face, by any means. But you may want to consider some light natural makeup to accentuate your best features! Also, don’t rule out having your makeup professionally done. You can consider it a ‘trial’ for the artist for your wedding!
  • Hair. Do give some thought to the setting. Are you getting photos done at a windy beach? Will it be cold or hot outside? While I am personally always pro for hair worn down, please give some thought to the location and temperature and what will make you happy. And again don’t rule out getting it professionally done, as once again you can use this as a trial for the big day.
  • Tans & tan lines. Let’s talk about tans my friends. If you’re wanting to get some sunshine before your session, please do your utmost to avoid tan lines that will be seen in your photos. While tan lines can be somewhat edited ‘out’, they are actually difficult to eradicate completely, and because cameras read higher contrast than our eye, they may be more prominent in a photo. womp. The best method I have found is to get a light spray tan at least two days before. Voila, prob solved.
A couple modeling what to wear to your engagement session

One thing I am so happy to offer is wardrobe consultation for my couples. Text me your ideas, and I will 100% give my opinion haha. Here is a link also to a Pinterest board I like to keep with visual inspiration on what to wear. If you have any questions below, don’t be shy!

 I have more visual inspiration on what to wear to your engagement session here on Pinterest! 

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