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Guys I can’t even explain how excited I have been to write. this. post!!! Aside from finally getting to shout from the roof tops that I married my smoking hot best friend, I get to share so much! Our photos, my experience of planning a destination elopement anddd finally launch my new brand that has been in the works for months! Yay!

estes park colorado rocky mountain national park

First of all planning our elopement was insanity, but thee best kind. I planned this puppy almost in just one week. The hardest part was really deciding on where to go. We originally wanted to do a beach destination. I mean especially in January… but instead we went to the complete opposite, and tied the knot in Rocky Mountain National Park, go figure ha. But I am sooo happy we did! There is something about mountainous scenery that is just epic. One of my priorities was just to be somewhere insanely beautiful, Rocky Mountain National Park, insanely beautiful? Check! And while I’m not really much of a cold weather gal, a romantic stay in the middle of the Rocky Mountains sounded perfect. Cuddled by a fire place, soaking in a hot tub or hiking in the rocky mountains, not much else can top that. Not to mention for the actual ceremony thinking of snow covered mountain ranges, holy cannoli, it was perfection, magical and epic.

rocky mountain national park elopement photographer

It’s amazing how once we decided on a location, everything really started falling into place. Looking for vendors, especially a photographer, was def a challenge for me. But I honestly enjoyed the process. I have to say though, going through the process myself, it gave me a whole new appreciation for my own brides. I understand a lot more about what is important and how you really want things to go down, from beginning to end. So I am definitely implementing some positive changes!

rocky mountain national park elopement
Why did we elope?

So, I’m sure people may be puzzled, like why would a wedding photographer elope? haha. While I L-O-V-E weddings, because of working so many, I 100% knew what was actually important to me (and Thomas!). Making the decision to elope was easy. We have both been previously married, and even then, at least for myself, I didn’t want anything big. Even though I can be pretty outgoing, I’m definitely more of an introverted personality. An extroverted introvert, if you will lol. All I knew is I wanted to be in a beautiful location, feel beautiful, say what I wanted to say. To me, that was uniting our lives in the most beautiful way possible. Of course, it’s a given I had to have beautiful photos and video, duh! But there’s something about just making it the two of you, surrounded by just nature’s beauty that feels like the ultimate romance.

bride and groom elope in rocky mountain national park

It was literally one of the most magical days of my life, and that’s all your wedding is supposed to be. However you want to do it, choose to do it that way. Just remember it is about the two of you, because all of your guests, all your friends and family- they are there for you.

All the Details

Our Photographer: Allie & John Photography
My Dress
Dress Cover Up

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