How to Plan a Styled Shoot.

Let me ask you friend, have you ever thought of doing a styled shoot? May be you’ve never done one because you aren’t sure how to. Perhaps you’ve never even thought of doing one. Or may be, things like this get put to the back burner because they’re seemingly not important. I truly feel like this is one thing every single photographer should do! One of the most beautiful things about planning a styled shoot is you my dear artist, are in compete control. So let’s chat about how to actually plan a styled shoot.

I mean seriously, when you’re first starting out, sometimes you just take work, because its work and your dream is coming alive, and that is SO exciting!! But realistically, how many of those feel like your dream aesthetic to photograph? Can you imagine creating a vision, bringing it to life and then getting the pleasure to photograph it? Well darling, you don’t have to wait for that dream- create it.

Not to mention, this is an awesome way to start attracting your ideal client. Show what you want to shoot- and you will attract people who love it. (You can read more about attracting your ideal client, here.) Also, how stinking exciting is it to let your creativity loose and wild?! They are also a great opportunity to submit for publishing. Dang that’s awesome! Do not underestimate how seemingly ‘little’ things like this can contribute so much to your business!

couple modeling for a styled shoot

How to Plan

Planning a styled engagement session is pretty simple, find your peeps, pick an epic location and you style their wardrobe. But what about for more of a wedding? The following are some pointers about how to plan your styled shoot:

Start a Pinterest mood board. Having a visual guide of the feel you’re looking for is hugely helpful. Not only just for you to see, but to share with your vendors. For a wedding styled shoot, pin your desired gown, hair, makeup, floral, colors, groom attire, etc. 

Find models. May be you know someone who would be perfect, if not, hold a casting call. I suggest requesting photos, a little about the individual or couple, and selecting the perfect couple to compliment your shoot. Offer them some beautiful photos from the shoot in exchange!

Contact vendors. When it comes to vendors, you need to be sure their style matches up to what you have in mind. Don’t assume your vendors will happily contribute for nada. Approach them with your idea, see if they would be interested to be involved and what they would require. You obviously will share images (I’d suggest for f r e e) and shout them in social, your blog, etc. But see what they’re comfortable with and how you can help them. And while this project doesn’t have to be an expense, don’t assume everyone you talk to will contribute for free. 

Find location. Your location will be just as important as the rest of the pieces of this puzzle. What would be the ideal place for you to create all these beautiful images? Where are you dying to shoot? What speaks to your soul? Find that place! And be sure you are in the clear to shoot there.

Create a schedule. Create and share a schedule of the day. When will hair and makeup begin? When will you do the shoot? How long will everyone be expected to be there? Creating even a basic schedule will help with any confusion and expectations.

There ya have it! Now have fun and start attract your ideal client.

For Photographers:

Nikon D750
Nikon 50 1.8
Nikon 35 1.8
Sigma Art 135 1.8

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