When I think back to the beginning stages of my business, it is almost embarrassing to admit, I had ZERO clue about the post processing… well, process. Do I give all the photos? Edit them drastically? Use the software that the camera came with? What software/s do I use? This series will be all about […]

Uplevel Your Images in Post Processing


That’s me up top… looking forward, get it?! Haha. It’s my pleasure to infuse your day with corny humor, so you’re welcome! đŸ˜› On a more serious note, I think we can all agree this time is so. Stinking. Strange. And it’s hard to know exactly what showing up for your business during these times […]

How to Move Forward in Business During Covid 19


Girl Looking to Move her business forward during covid 19

Let me ask you friend, have you ever thought of doing a styled shoot? May be you’ve never done one because you aren’t sure how to. Perhaps you’ve never even thought of doing one. Or may be, things like this get put to the back burner because they’re seemingly not important. I truly feel like this […]

How to Plan a Styled Shoot.


I know. You’re getting little business or the clients you’re getting are just price shopping and not appreciating your art. Sound familiar? Today I wanna chat about how to attract your ideal client! First, let me ask you: do you even know who your ideal client reallyyyyy is? I mean really. More than just being […]

How to Attract Your Ideal Client


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