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My how elopements have changed! From being a super last minute, no details, ‘no plan’ type of ceremony… to a well thought out, detail oriented, tiny intimate wedding ceremony. I know for myself, I wanted to still have our elopement feel special, detailed and planned out. But planning the destination elopement all by myself did get a tad stressful. We were flying out of state, somewhere neither of us had ever even been before. I didn’t know a soul there, nor did I know who to get for an officiant, photos, video, hair, makeup, or where to actually physically host the elopement…

May be you thought that you wouldn’t need a wedding planner for a simple elopement, but let me tell ya having one for our destination elopement would have be invaluable! Perhaps it would have saved me from days of a raging headache from staring at a blue screen too long! (true story) So if you’re contemplating a wedding planner for your Charleston South Carolina Elopement, I highly encourage it. And I’d love to introduce you to Styled Elopement!

South Carolina Elopement Planner

If you’ve never heard of Styled Elopement, they are a branch off of Pure Luxe Bride, an incredible wedding planning company in the Charleston area. Seriously they do such gorgeous work!

I spoke with the sweet owner, Francesca, and asked her the best piece of advice she would want to give to every elopement bride. And this is what she had to say: ‘Don’t hold back on things that are important to you just because it’s an intimate gathering.’ I could not agree more! Just because you don’t have 100+ guests to entertain shouldn’t mean that you spare what you want. This is for you and about you! Create exactly what you want.

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‘We’ve been offering elopements as part of our services for over 5 years and have great relationships with key vendors to pull everything together quickly and efficiently. With many brides on the fence about the big wedding these days, it’s nice to know our team can handle everything for you and make the photos look like a larger scale wedding complete with all of the details. Our elopements are curated to include not just a bouquet but design elements that fit within the vision you’ve always had whether big or small.’

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‘Our elopement packages started 5 years ago when we were approached by an international editor for The Knot who wanted to get married in Charleston under the oaks with just her and her husband. We wanted to make sure every detail was covered from the getting ready location, details, ceremony location and florals. From there our styled elopements were born! Since then we take a limited amount of elopements per year and require these to be limited to 12 guests or less and take place during the week. That allows our team to get the best pricing with the most incredible vendors.’


Pure Luxe Bride we also have a styled elopement instagram @styledelopement

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