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Looking for a Charleston Limo for your wedding day? Let me introduce you to The Pink Figgy instead. If you are planning your destination wedding in Charleston, the Pink Figgy has pretty much become a Charleston Icon and is an amazing photo opportunity! Rentable by the hour, and literally worth every penny for such gorgeous, fun, wow worthy shots! I spoke to Meredith, the owner of The Pink Figgy, to find out why every pink-loving couple needs this adorable prop at their wedding and I can’t wait to share everything she had to say!

The Adorable one-of-a-kind alternative to A Charleston Limo

When I asked Meredith what made her service different, this is what she had to say:
“Pink car … check
Right-side drive… check
Fixed-top convertible…check
Only 20k made…check

What I’m trying to say is…I’m rare, baby! One of those gems you come across and can’t seem to forget. One doesn’t have to like pink or appreciate cars to fall in love with my little, pink Fig. She spreads joy, makes people smile, and allows one to escape reality, if only for a moment. There are other vintage rental cars in town, but none of them are pink, and quite frankly, this cute!”

I couldn’t help but giggle and completely agree! The Pink Figgy is SERIOUSLY adorable. I pretty much just wanna take her for a whirl around town and get all kinds of photos just for fun!


I always love to ask my favorite vendors their most valued piece of advice they would love to give to every bride, and this is what she had to say:

“Get the car…and not just for the sendoff! The shift to micro-weddings in the Covid-era has allowed more flexibility when it comes to reception ideas. The Pink Figgy is the perfect compliment to the brunches, lunches, backyard weddings, engagements and elopements. Consider incorporating the car into your wedding decor or as a backdrop; it allows for pretty photo ops and your guests will love it!”

I 100% agree. Bring this to your wedding as decor, or for photo ops for guests or you and your groom, and you will seriously blow your guests minds!

A little bit about Meredith

“I taught high school history for seven years in Summerville. After getting married, I transitioned out of teaching to help my husband with his real estate business. We’ve flipped homes, owned and operated three vacation rentals, and continue to own/manage long-term rentals in and around the Charleston area. When we had the vacation rentals, I noticed that we kept renting to large groups of women coming to celebrate engagements, bachelorettes, birthdays, moms’ weekend away, college reunions, sisters’ trips, etc. Couple this with the fact that Charleston is ranked as one of the top wedding destinations in the country, and the idea was born to get a vintage car, paint it pink and rent it out as a photography prop. My creative side has always been drawn to decorating and event planning, and The Pink Figgy checks a lot of those same boxes, but with far less overhead.”

Sure get a Charleston Limo, but have your photos taken with The Pink Figgy- a Charleston Icon!

To find out more about The Pink Figgy, please email inquiries to In the meantime, follow along on IG @thepinkfiggy for more of Fiona’s adventures in Charleston.

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