5 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Album

Y’all it is my genuine mission to get a wedding album into every couple’s home! A wedding album, designed by a professional photographer and printed at a lab that exclusively sells to wedding photographers, will be an investment for you, and I get that. And I also understand that every bride has a budget, but the beauty of a budget is you get to say where it goes! And I want to explain to you from the bottom of my heart why I truly believe that a wedding album is one of the most important ways to allocate part of your wedding budget.

why you need a wedding album

Reason 1:  An album tells the story of your day in a way that no other product available is able to. Yes that’s right. A canvas, or large prints on your wall while they are gorgeous and beautiful and should totally be hanging on your walls, are definitely not telling the full story of your day. You have invested in all these gorgeous photographs and while a few of them may be hanging in your wall, all of the rest of these images are sitting in a digital storage space! AHH! They’re not being experienced and relived like they were meant to be. Also more thoughts on digital, in number 4.

Reason 2: This album will be the true beginning of your family’s story together. Prior to this, even if you had children together, you didn’t share a last name. Now your legacy truly begins and your wedding album will be passed on to the generations following you to relive your love story in a way nothing else will exist to tell. You may not have the privilege to one day meet your great grandchildren, but they will know more about you than I will ever know about my grandparents through the one single small image that I have of them together. Y’all, that is powerful.

a gorgeous album showing off your images showing why you need a wedding album

Reason 3: When the day comes that you face trials together, this book will truly be an investment in your love and bond, to bring you back together. I really don’t know if any couple that could sit side by side, look through their wedding album and not have it reignite tender feelings toward one another. Imagine the tears you will shed viewing this during the hard seasons that we all stand to face.

Reason 4: Intangibles have become a thing of the past. This right here makes me sooo passionate about a wedding album AND prints. I mentioned above you have all these gorgeous amazing photos- I deliver to every bride more than 700 images- and may be they will print 3-4 to hang on their walls. YOU GUYS! Tangible items are like nothing nothing else. Remember the days you used to sit through and look at photos taken by a disposable camera? Or your parents old polaroid photos of you as a baby? Please, pretty please, let’s bring back the tangibles that actually matter. Think about how much money you’ve spent on a material home item. $2000 for a TV? Which item would you grab if your home were burning? Wedding album or your TV? I know the only material item I would truly care about grabbing from burning would be my photos.

Reason 5: It will always bring you joy! I think sometimes these investments can seem scary, you think, is it really worth it? Let me just tell you, this is one item you will receive and never regret purchasing. You will receive it with joy, value it more than any other material possession in your home. When I’m faced with decisions like this, I remind myself, I can always make more money, but it’s the intangibles that are literally beyond money value, I can never ‘make more of’. (Literally why I chose to spend the money on a wedding videographer!)

couple looking together showcasing how happy showing why you need a wedding album.


Now that you are thinking about this, I want to tell you a few things about why you should truly leave this once-in-a-lifetime purchase to your wedding photographer’s expertise. I will tell you, going through your images and selecting what you want to include from scratch will be way overwhelming for a task. And you know what happens when things overwhelm us? We procrastinate. They don’t get done. Hence why I have paperwork piled out to Timbucktu. #sendhelp

Not only will they remove that overwhelm, but they genuinely understand what is needed to tell the story in a way that makes sense and is also visually pleasing. Also worth mentioning is the labs that they have access to will be far superior than anything that the everyday consumer can get their hands on. Your photographer will most likely guarantee your album to last because the quality is so amazing from these expert labs they have access to. Trust me on this one, you want this product and part of what your investment will be is the quality and the ease of experience.

Something For you!

To top of this amazing blog post today, I’m actually running an Album Sale through 9/30 for 40% Off. And if your wedding has yet to happen, you still qualify to lock in this rate and add it on to your package. Woo woo! I just really truly feel passionate about the power of a wedding album and I want you to have it!

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