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graphic featuring Lori the owner of we are a petals a wedding florist in charleston sc

So excited today to have our Vendor Feature showcase this amazing wedding florist in Charleston SC, Petaloso! You guys, Lori’s work is INCREDIBLE. Literally obsessed. And she is the absolute sweetest!

gorgeous floral table setting and floral skirt design by Lori from we are petals a florist in charleston sc

Advice from Lori : Florist in Charleston SC

When I asked Lori what advice she would want to tell every bride if she could, her thoughts were: “Find a planner you trust who designs and plans and find vendors you vibe with, especially when it comes to your florist. Discuss your vision with them and then trust that they will bring it to life. Let them run with it and do what they do best. Your wedding day is meant to be special and enjoyed, don’t sweat the small stuff.”

Could not have said it better myself. Vibing with your vendors, trusting your vendors and then just letting go to be able to enjoy your day is everything! You hire all your professionals for exactly that. So that you can know you’re in the best hands possible and can just enjoy!

What Makes Petaloso Different

I asked Lori to tell me what makes her different, and I adore her response! “I am a flower addict, really and truly. I love what I do and creating for my Clients is what gives me life. I love being on site with our team, creating and seeing what we’ve worked towards, all come together.  Transforming venues into floral environments and surrounding people in happiness, that brings me true joy and makes all of the hard work worthwhile. Being a floral designer is a labor of love.  I enjoy getting to know my Clients and I find it to be a true honor to be asked to bring their vision to life, it’s not a job to me, it’s a passion. I am still friends with many Clients from years past, some from the start of my career over 10 years ago!” Love that she has kept friends with some of the clients from the start of her career. Just speaks to how truly special and sweet this woman is!

How it Blossomed

If you’re wondering how Lori got started in the floral world, she shared her story with me. And honestly I LOVE it. Probably because I can totally relate to wanting a creative outlet and knowing I was not for the 9-5 life! But here’s her story:

“The flower obsession began in college when I was fortunate enough to intern for an incredible event planner and floral designer, Heather at the Gathering. I still look up to her! She’s amazing! I was in the world of arts my entire life, I grew up a dancer, and when I decided to move on from that dream I found that I needed a creative outlet, that I wasn’t going to be happy working a 9-5, so when I got to work for Heather I saw the incredible work she did and started to play with flowers on my own at home. Friends began to ask me to flower their weddings and it took off from there! My first wedding was my oldest and best friend in October of 2009, I am so grateful she trusted me to flower her wedding day, especially as my first real “client”.  And from there Petaloso evolved into what it is today. I am truly grateful every day that my hands and mind work to allow me to bring sweet couple’s visions to reality.  I have recently started flowering for a few sets around town, which has been a forever dream of mine! I can’t wait to do more creative sets, it really gets my blood pumpin!”

Ways to get in touch with Lori to discuss your wedding day vision:

Follow her gorgeous work on Instagram: @WeArePetaloso 

This post features the photographic Images of Lori’s Work by:
Emily Meeks Photography 
Amanda Seifriet Photography
Julie Livingston Photography 

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