what if it rains on your wedding day

All the planning, all the stressing, all the hours leading up to the big day and excitement, and the weather forecasters rain on your parade… Literally! So what do you? What if it rains on your wedding day?

why it’ll be ok if it RAINs

Bride and groom under an umbrella and under a porch on their wedding day when it rained

While you may not have dreamt your whole life of having a rainy wedding day, rest assured it will be perfection- even in what seems like imperfection. This day is once in a lifetime, and truly, nothing will ruin it. You are marrying your best friend! Nothing, absolutely nothing, will overshadow that fact.

Your one and only job the day of your wedding is to enjoy the day with your new husband. As your photographer, I will do the stressing of what to do about photos for you! I could make photos in front of a dumpster look amazing, so I will certainly do my utmost to create the most beautiful outcome possible. This is precisely why you have hired professionals to work your day. All the photos in this blog post were portraits that were taken on a rainy wedding day!

four tips if it rains on your wedding day

Before I get to the tips, quickly, I’m going to tell you I have photographed a TON of weddings. At this point 150+ and I will say, never ONCE, have I ever had a day where it just down pour all day long. Now I won’t say that won’t ever happen, but the chances of that happening are prettyyyyy slim. What I have found is that on these rainy wedding days, we have been able to sneak out between rain drops and create some beautiful-rain-free portraits. But here are a few other ideas so you can be properly prepared for a rainy wedding day!

Pictured are ideas for if it rains on your wedding day: head under a porch and indoors for a few shots!
  1. Clear umbrella. I’m sure you’ve seen it before, the clear umbrella shot. I’d recommend to at least get one for just some shots of the two of you. Or grab enough for the entire bridal party. Embracing that rain as part of your wedding day will actually be a super sweet memory, and make you feel less stressed!
  2. Porch overhangs. One single porch can save the day. It is totally possible for me to photograph as if you’re outside when you’re actually underneath of a porch covering. I’ve done family, wedding party and bride and groom shots all under a porch covering.
  3. Fully embrace the rain drops. While this may be the chilliest of all the options, there’s something to be said for just embracing the raindrops. It would seriously create something incredibly powerful and romantic. Think about every epic romance movie you’ve seen. Does it involve a rainy kissing scene? (If you can’t think of one, here’s my fave example: The Notebook!) While I know for many your wedding day may not be the ideal time to get soaking wet, a little rain never hurt anybody. But props to you, if you decided to just 100% go for it! *Do it for the gram* 😉
  4. Get creative with indoor images. One thing I love to do is changing it up from outdoor shots and finding ways beautiful ways inside to incorporate your venue. It is always so much fun! Bonus, it keeps you dry and warm!
Bride and groom kissing under an umbrella on their rainy wedding day

There ya have it! All my best advice for a rainy wedding day.

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