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You guys the day is FINALLY here and I can hardly contain my excitement. Up at 5:30 and just full of energy to write today’s post, Melissa Grissom Presets have officially launched, yes your new favorite Light and Airy presets for lightroom and lightroom mobile are here! 😉 It’s always a little nerve racking to put something new out into the world, but more than anything I just feel so excited to share these with you!

WHY I CREATED light and airy PRESETS

If you don’t know this about me, I’ve been a working photographer since 2010. That amount of time sounds insane to me! But my point in telling you this is to tell you that I have been through, seen, and grown A LOT over those ten years. And I’ve been through all the frustrations. Of not being happy with my images, of staring up and down at the screen trying to figure out what it needs to just give it that WOW factor, of not understanding what I need to do to get my images to look how I want them. I always knew I loved light and airy with those gorgeous greens, but I couldn’t quite figure out how to get there.

What I really want for you is for you to fall in love with your images. I want you to sit back and say “WOW”, I did that. I want your clients to cry when they see their images. I want you to feel confident in what you’re delivering. I want to minimize your frustration as much as possible. I want to help you keep photography your happy place. The more you love what you deliver, the more passionate you are to continue pursuing and living your dream of being a photographer. So I created these light and airy presets because ultimately, I am passionate about empowering you to live your dream.

light and airy presets before and after showcasing film like greens

how they’re different

  • OK y’all I told you I’ve seen a lot, and one thing I was super adamant about while creating this suite is for them not to be another preset suite that just sits in Lightroom and makes you feel frustrated at the purchase. We’ve all been there, you purchase a preset suite, it looks amazing on the website but then you go to use it and you’re like why does this look nothing like I thought it was going to? This is why I have been user testing for MONTHS! I’ve worked with multiple professional photographers during this process to ensure that these presets work how they’re supposed to.
  • I also will have available videos for both mobile and desktop versions that will briefly explain how to get the most out of them, so they don’t just sit and make you frustrated at your spending! Essentially every preset is one-click, the artistry is in one click. But I want to do is take you through the process of how I use these presets so that you can get the maximum amount of value.
  • Finally, these presets are designed to work cohesively together. While they are all different, I wanted to create something that wasn’t radically insanely different from one another so that you can use every single preset and your work still maintain a consistent look, creating and building trust and value to your prospective clients. That is crucial to your success!

What’s included?

In each preset suite (both mobile and desktop) you will receive 5 color and 3 black and white presets. All five color contain film like greens. I have gotten SO many compliments and questions on my greens and so I’m super excited for you to have them! You also receive a PDF on how to install, and an editing video explaining how to use these for maximum WOW factor.

Desktop presets are designed for professional working photographers. These were specifically developed for wedding and portrait photographers.

Mobile presets are designed for professional photographers, social media influencers, and those who just want to create gorgeous images from their phone images. I created mobile versions because I use them all. the. time. I like to quickly edit some sneak peeks for my bride on my iPad (the day of the wedding or day after). I also use mobile for my personal phone snapshots! This helps my branded look stay seamless on social, and honestly just take the phone photos from a regular snapshot to something I can actually print or share proudly!

My Hope For You

My true hope for you is to feel confident, fall in love with your images and create a consistent experience for your clients and your brand. And ultimately, never stop pursuing your dream!

One time offer for light and airy presets

At the time of this launch, I’ll be running a 40% discount code for 3 days only. I don’t ever plan on running a sale this steeply discounted in the future. But I truly want as many people to get their hands on these and fall completely in love with their images. Purchase your presets here, and use code LAUNCH40 at checkout!

  1. Wendy says:

    wow, amazing before and after’s with these presets! It’s obvious that you’ve poured your heart and soul in to these – it definitely shows! Best of luck to you as you launch your presets!

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