Three Overlooked Must Have Wedding Day Items

I know you have researched, planned and picked the brains of all your friends on everything that you need for your wedding day. But let me tell ya, after shooting 1.6 zillion weddings, this small list of the three overlooked must have wedding day items can be your wedding day life saver! I actually do try to carry these items on hand, but not every photographer will have them, so it’s good for you to be prepared girl fran!

The Three Items You Don’t Want to Forget

  1. Command Hook (& Hanger). While I would say a good majority of people order a custom hanger, if you forgot this and you’re at crunch time at the very least grab a wooden or satin hanger. Either of those hangers will be a huge step above the plastic! In the past, I have also been able to find a generic ‘mrs’ hangers at Tuesday Morning. Now on to the item you may not have been expecting, a command hook! Scenario: uour photographer is looking for a spot indoors to hang your dress. But the options are extremely limited. They will love you to itty bitty pieces when they can’t find a spot and you have this on hand to create more options. While my personal favorite place to do dress shots is outdoors, this isn’t always possible, and creating more options inside is *ah-mazing*.
  2. Solemate Heel Protectors. If you are wearing heels and you are walking through grass, you deffff need these! While they’re not really ideal for walking on regular surfaces, pop them on before walking on grass because it will make doing photos SO much easier for your life! Buy now, thank me later!
  3. Crochet Hook. I know right? You’re probably wondering why the heck this made the list. But seriously guys this is probably the number one handy little tool you can have on your wedding day *if* your dress has a satin button closure. I would say about 60% of my brides have these little buttons aligning the entire back of their dress and this handy little tool makes it so much quicker and easier. This is especially a day saver if you’re running behind time!

That’s it, the three overlooked must have wedding day items that can be your wedding day life saver! Hope it saves your wedding day 😉

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