Why You Need A Second Shooter at Your Wedding

I know my brides in the past have asked me if I recommend a second shooter for their day, and while there are some exceptions, I will always defer to having one! So let’s talk about three reasons why you need a second shooter at your wedding.


This first reason may be the most obvious to many of you. It’s still, however, worth mentioning and that is: groom prep. While yes, we all know this is the bride’s day, safe to say the groom definitely deserves his moment! So unless you’re getting ready at the same location, or your photographer suddenly learned how to travel through time and space 😉 I definitely recommend it for this reason alone. Even if the two of you will be getting ready at the same space, it still will be the best option to have a second photographer. Typically if I personally have to cover both bride and groom prep, the groom’s time will definitely be minimal, as well as it can be a challenge to coordinate when to leave the bride’s suite- because I don’t ever wanna miss anything there!

If you’re thinking may be groom prep is not that important, I will say speaking from experience, getting to see those shots of your hubby comes with a special feeling of sweetness (Check out some of my Wedding photos here!). I loved seeing those photos and would have regretted not having them. Plus, I’ll always remember one of my very first weddings. For a minute, it seemed like the groom had disappeared from the hotel room, but when I turned around to look through the dual door bathroom, I saw him through the mirror going over his vows. Which led to the beautiful, meaningful moment at the top of this page. If it were me as the bride, I would have thought that fleeting moment was the cutest thing ever!

This is the lead shooter's image, see image below how second shooter's compliments


The second reason I feel like it is definitely to your advantage to have a second shooter is for the ceremony. While shooting a wedding ceremony, I as the lead photographer have a serious obligation to make sure I am getting the ‘must have’ shots. Because of this, it can be a challenge to get the variety angles I aim to get when shooting by myself. This is especially true if your ceremony is on the shorter side. I certainly cannot risk missing important shots! However, if you have a second shooter, not only will this give me the ability to coordinate more freedom for myself to roam a bit, but even while I am focusing on the main events, the second shooter can get some creative shots, focus on parents, grandparents, etc.

This is the second shooter's image versus the lead shooter's perspective above


Depending on if you are choosing to do a first look or not, a second shooter will totally come in handy for a few reasons. If you are not doing a first look, this means majority of the portraits will be accomplished after the ceremony. So what does that mean for you? It means, while I’m covering portraits, I will be missing cocktail hour and my opportunity to do reception details. And while cocktail hour doesn’t need to be covered for the entire hour (as most of the time people are stuffing their cute little faces) there are some opportunities for images here! And, since I’ll probably be shooting portraits the entire cocktail hour, all your reception details that you put so much thought and effort into risk the chance of being forgotten! I know no bride wants that.

If you are choosing to do a first look, having two shooters has several benefits:

Cocktail hour & reception details. Both of these will be able to be covered with no problem! While I’ll take care of reception details, my second photographer can mingle during the latter half of cocktail hour (after most people are finished eating) to get candids or any photos with friends you’d like.

First Look & bride|groom portraits. During the first look and bride and groom portraits the major advantage here with two shooters is we can get two angles. It’s really hard for just one photographer to get both reactions of bride & groom’s faces. We can also get two different angles during the bride & groom portraits, which lends itself to a fuller final gallery!

Family formals & wedding party portraits. There are three advantages I can think of when it comes to having two shooters for family formals & wedding party portraits. The first is we can split up to accomplish the groom + groomsmen & bride + bridesmaids in a much more thorough & efficient way. This will really come in handy if it’s particularly hot or cold on your wedding day. The second is during family formals we can select which role you’d like the second shooter to play. Either coordinate to have them do additional family formal photos (like your parents by themselves, etc.) while I focus on the main combinations with the bride & groom. Or have them assist in arranging, and getting family members ready, which will again make this time of the day run more quickly and smoothly.

An image of the bride's mom that the second shooter took

In summation, having a second shooter just leads to an overall fuller story of images. As the bride, you never want to miss anything or forget anything- and that’s what you’re experiencing with two photographers.


So there ya have it, why you need a second shooter at your wedding! Being that I feel like every bride should totally have a second shooter for at least some part of their day, all my wedding packages (except my intimate|elopement collection) now by default include one! Of course, all my packages are also customizable so you can always remove them, if that’s truly your wish. Hope you found this so helpful 🙂 Email me here if you have any further questions or would like to discuss my packages and pricing!

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