Why Quarantine is the Perfect Time to Wedding Plan

Reading that headline you may be thinking, what in the actual heck? I knowwww I get it. So let me just say, yes, right now may not be the perfect time for everyone per say. But the reality is there are a lot of great benefits for a bride who does take advantage of this time to move ahead with wedding planning. So let’s just hop right in and talk about why Quarantine is the perfect time to wedding plan! (That way you won’t think I’m completely insane for too long haha)


  1. With so many weddings being forced to cancel, the wedding industry has definitely undergone a bit of a loss. Because of this, businesses are offering discounts and amazing sales on their products to encourage buyers to move ahead with their purchases. Everything from big ticket vendors to small Etsy items, I can guarantee you will find sales in almost every corner! (Speaking of, you can contact me for details about my Covid19 specials here.)
  2. Secondly, with all the weddings having to reschedule your vendors are going to be seeing a bit of a boom in bookings. Which means dates for end of 2020 and 2021 are being snatched up quickly. So you’ll be thanking yourself later to keep planning and not risk losing your favorite vendors!
  3. Also most have a lot more time on their hands right now. Usually you’re planning your wedding in addition to the 1.5 billion other things you have to get done, so how awesome is it that you have some down time to take advantage of and check some items off your list?
  4. Speaking of more time, a lot of vendors who are usually swamped are finding themselves with a lot more downtime. You know what that means? You have experts in the wedding industry who have not much else to do other than just be there for you. Sounds like undivided attention for you!
  5. And lastly, what greater, more exciting thing to focus your attention than planning the best day of your life?! Seriously! With all the sadness floating around, you have the privilege to be able to focus your mind toward something so super exciting! What an awesome way to put some happy back in your day 🙂


So there ya have it! See, I told you I’m not completely crazy, quarantine really is the perfect time to wedding plan 😉 At this point, though, you may be wondering what tasks exactly can you check off your list while social distancing. So guess what?! I have created a FREE checklist for you of the perfect tasks to accomplish. Get excited, because it is an awesome list! Grab it here!

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