Enjoying the Little Things in Life

If you missed my last personal update, surprise! We’re in the mountains of New Mexico. What started as a spring break trip, kind of turned into a Covid 19 retreat into the mountains! So here we are just enjoying the little things in life. You can check out my last personal post here to get all caught up!

I wanted to start this post by saying, I don’t know about you, but for me, this time has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster. I’ll be completely fine and so grateful for this time with my family together relaxing. And I am so thankful that we are healthy. But then seemingly out of no where, I have these moments where I just curl up under my blanket and just cry for a minute.

What we’ve been up to

Other than trying to keep a one year old entertained (#sendhelp any ideas mamas?!) We’ve just been soaking up and enjoying the outdoors. Hiking, biking, lounging you name it we’ve been doing it. And Yes! I said biking! I went mountain biking for the first time ever and it was freaking amazing… and crazy terrifying all at the same time! Haha. Sadly the only photographic evidence there is of this epic event are only the bruises on my knee from it. You can check out my instagram story under Covid 19 to see that 😉

I’ve also been thoroughly enjoying my Netflix binge of Love is Blind. anyone else watch that insanity?! And of course just breaking out my camera in this beautiful little area. Even after ten years, being behind my camera, even just in enjoying the little things in life, brings me so much joy.

My absolute favorite moment up here so far though, was just watching Liam and Thomas out back together as the sun was setting. I mean come on, my husband a total hottie, so he’s always good to look at 😉 But seriously just seeing him and my sweet little boy outside. There was something that filled my whole heart with gratitude.

I hope you and your families are staying well. You are in my heart. And please, comment below and tell me what you have been doing to stay entertained or what in the world I can do to keep our son occupied when we’re indoors! He is an active 17 month old boy, let me tell you!

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