Youre on My Mind + In My Heart

I’m writing this today to tell you you’re on my mind and in my heart.

I know like me, there are many feeling concerned, uncertain. A mixture of feeling that everything will be totally fine and then having full blown mom mind go to worst case scenario. As much as we may be feeling a bit scared and isolated, there’s never been a time where we as a globe, have been brought together. As we all go through this together I wanted to contribute to everyone what I can in a positive way. So, I’ll be continuing sharing wedding planning tips, education for photographers, as well as our goings on during this time. (Did I mention we are holding up in the mountains of New Mexico?!) And even sharing the things that we are doing to protect ourselves as best we can during this time- physically and emotionally.

Our backyard View

So you can count on me during this time for some entertainment- I mean I guess I’m entertaining D: I’ll be regularly sharing amidst this chaotic time right here on my blog (and my social). This will not only help me feel like I’m staying connected but also it’s in hopes keep your mind on happy things! Just know you are not alone. To start off, here’s a little update on what we’ve been up to!

Off To the Mountains

Really our decision to come to the mountains was more like hey, it’s spring break let’s get out of town! However it’s more or less turned into a Covid-19 Retreat. And honestly I can’t say I’m complaining!

Thomas and I felt like being here during this time, away from the hustle and bustle of town and a crowded area was definitely our best option. Being here is always refreshing to our souls: trees, mountains, a killer back yard view and hiking trails. Add to that a big yard for Liam to play, it was kind of a no brainer in light of everything going on.

It’s been so sweet just to watch Liam play outside and let him explore. And I love this time to slow down and take a minute to breathe in the mountain air, soak up our surroundings and count our blessings. Spending this quality time together is something I am truly grateful for.

Not sure yet how long we will be here, but I guess it’ll be our little family adventure. I’d love to hear what your family has been up to, how you all are and what is something during this difficult time that you are grateful for? Hope you are all well, and please know, you are on my mind and in my heart.

If you are up to seeing more about my super exciting life haha, click here to view some of our wedding photos!

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