The Key To Rocking Your Engagement Photos

Is it just me, or does something happen when a camera pops up? It’s like oh weird, someones watching me, and a million thoughts run through your head at one time… Is this gonna be cute?! Does my hair look ok? Am I standing ok? Add your significant other into that equation and it feels even trickier. So in this post I’m going to give you the key to rocking your engagement photos! Because my goal for every couple is for you to not only love how you look, but feel all those little happy feelings when you look back at these photos!

The key honestly is pretty simple. But I know it’s not always easy because hello there’s this kind of stranger with a camera pointed at you forcing you to be cute with one another in front of her. But, really, here it is: BE. IN. THE. MOMENT.

That’s it, that’s all ya have to do. Forget about me, focus on one another. Of course I’ll be guiding you into poses and giving direction, because I want to make sure you’re setup to look your best! But once I step back- live that moment. Breathe that moment. Just be. And let me remind you, you’re getting married! You’re engaged!! You found the love of your life! If you ask me, you are on cloud 9. So, think of your engagement session as a happy celebration of this fact! Seriously, do you want all the romance and joy to shine through in those photos? Do you want them to be candid and genuine? Then honey do yourself a favor and live those feelings.

Just give yourself permission to may be feel a little awkward at first. Know that it’s normal and that’s ok. But just have fun with your fiancé! If you feel like this may be a little bit of a challenge for you, I would totally suggest a one hour session. It gives you time to warm up in front of the camera! But also know, that’s what I’m here for: to help you feel comfortable. Your joy, your connection, your story it’s my passion! Sharing it with me means we will create epic beautiful memories.

Hope this really helped you to understand the key to rocking your engagement photos!

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For Photographers:

For For Photographers:
Nikon D750
Nikon D600
Nikon 35 1.8
Nikon 50 1.4
Nikon 8.5 1.8
Sigma Art 135 1.8

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