Custom Guestbooks For Your Wedding Day

a custom guestbook and graphic saying why its important

I’m so excited about today’s blog post! Not only is it featuring one of my favorite companies, Basic Invite, I’m also chatting about a wedding day item that I feel like doesn’t get much thought and attention! And that is your wedding day guestbook! I wanna touch on the value of having one, why you should give it a little bit more thought and why custom guestbooks should totally be the direction you choose to go for yours!

why you need a guestbook

With all the little details you have to plan for, I’m sure your guestbook doesn’t make #1 on your list of details to be concerned with. But this lil book is still important for your day! Of all the things you’re going to walk away with at the end of the day: photo, video… your guestbook will also become one of the only keepsakes from your wedding day! That means it’s one of the few ways you’ll be able to relive your day. It’ll be fun to look through and remember who was all there, and the few words that they left you with.

beautiful cover of a custom guestbook from basic invite

why Custom guestbooks are the best

Since your guestbook is going to be one of the only tangible items you walk away with from your wedding day, I 100% think you should be investing in a custom guestbook. Not only do I love Basic Invite in general (That’s where I ordered our elopement wedding cards from) I think it is just the perfect way to create a seamless look from your invitations, to your wedding website, to your guest book. I also love that the inside of these books are super organized. Most guestbooks that I seen, may have some lines to write on for guests, but I love how they designed the inside of theirs. Take a peek below!

the inside of the custom guestbook from basic invite

special offer for you

Definitely hop on over and take a peek over at Basic Invite! So many conveniences and offerings: Free Wedding Websites, Almost Unlimited ColorsĀ ,Custom Samples, Over 40 Different Colors of Envelopes, OverĀ 900 Wedding Invitation Sets, Free Address Collection Service, Seal & Send Wedding Invitations.

And to top it all off for you, I actually have a discount code for you to use for your custom guestbook & wedding cards. woo woo! Who doesn’t love a good sale?! My affiliate code will get you 20% off all your products PLUS free shipping. Find it right below!

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