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With so many wedding planners in Charleston SC to choose from, today I’m featuring one of the best: Bouquets and Bowties!

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Do you really Need to hire a planner?

Planning your wedding can for sure be a daunting task. Not only are there so many different things to plan & coordinate, but there are so many moving parts happening on your actual wedding day. For this reason I cannot recommend enough choosing to hire a planner!

If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you are a bit type A and not only love all things planned & coordinated like a symphony, you may also enjoy the planning. However, I would still fully encourage you to hire a planner. There are so many things you may not even realize you need to think about. Not to mention, this is truly the best way to ensure you are fully present and enjoying your wedding day. I cannot count how many times it’s made me sad to see brides stress about things that if they only had a planner, it wouldn’t even be a thought that came to their mind, let alone stress about. It would already be taken care of!

Happen to be on a tighter budget? I’d recommend looking into month of coordination from a planner. They will be there on the day of your wedding and help ensure everything is wrapped up the month leading up to the wedding. Your wedding day only happens once, and you deserve to enjoy it!

Words of wedding wisdom from B&B

I asked Chauncey for some words of wisdom for your wedding day. After all, she has been in the industry for over a decade, so she knows her stuff. And I absolutely loved what she had to say!

I asked her what 3 pieces of advice she would want to give every bride & this was her response:

  1. Take a deep breath and take it all in, it will fly by. “ (Could not be more on point!)
  2. “Be very selective of your wedding party and who you surround yourself with on the wedding day! You want Hype people, cheerleaders and emotianal support. The best weddings also have the best wedding parties to boot!”
  3. “Trust and lean on your vendors. They are there to guide you and support you but the biggest thing they can give you is firsthand knowledge. We have been on site at weddings. We have seen things working really well and things that might not go as planned. Our goal as vendors is to give you the knowledge and tools to create the absolute best wedding you can have!”

All About Bouquets and Bowties

I love what Chauncey had to share about her vision, viewpoint & their strengths as a company. She said this:

“I truly believe wedding planning is about building experiences and relationships. We want to create a planning atmosphere where our clients know that we will support them and guide them through this process. We also have an amazing team. Our weekend support team is second to none- we are there for every single detail and moment on the wedding weekend!”

Chauncey and her team definitely are the type of crew I would 100% trust with my wedding. I’ve literally had a bride of her’s tell me that she would trust her with her life!

Chauncey also shared a bit of background and how Bouquets and Bowties came about:

“I was born and raised in Charleston and I have been in the wedding industry for about 12 years.  I have owned Bouquets and Bowties for almost 9 years now.  I started Bouquets and Bowties after working within a company who ran a wedding venue and quickly realized how much I wanted to help brides plan their special day.  Watching weddings that start as ideas and transform into this full size events that are such an important part of peoples life is why we do this.”

Passion and experience! I highly recommend Bouquets and Bowties as one of the top wedding planners in Charleston SC.

Image of Chauncey’s Beautiful Design work by Philip Casey

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